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Chinese Hand Pulled Noodles

testthumbIn this episode of Culinary Secrets with Chef Tomm, I crack the ancient secret of Chinese hand pulled noodles.  I will teach you how to make the dough and how to stretch it out.  There are alot of close up shots so you can see exactley what to do. I will show you two applications for the hand pulled noodles.


Ingredients :

300g         Cake flour

50g            All Purpose flour

200g         Water

15g             Sesame oil

6g                Salt

3g                Baking soda



Place all ingredients into your Kitchen Aid mixing bowl.    Put mixer on speed four for about 12 minutes.  Give the dough a test.  It should be very stretchy and feel and have the consistency like warm chewing gum.  If you are using a different type of mixer you may have to play with the time a little but the consistency should be the same.   You can see this in the video.




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