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Jager Schnitzel Episode

Jager Schnitzel
In this episode of Culinary Secrets with Chef Tomm I will teach you how to make my all time favorite meal, Jager Schnitzel. I’m sure after you try it, it will become a favorite of yours.



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  1. Laura Walker says:

    Hi Chef, I love this recipe! This recipe was just I needed to take me back to my childhood. My mother was German and dad was Portuguese and British. This is one of my all time favorite German recipes, besides Stroganoff. The kids were very happy that I served it with French Fries, big hit! My mom used to make this dish. Thank you, Laura

    My dad did a bit of frogging, too! I thought it was chicken for a long time! ;-)

  2. Joe says:

    Finally someone who makes a proper sauce. Every recipe I look up seems to have a different sauce but I’m use to that hunters gravy with all of those mushrooms.

  3. Daniel says:

    Perfect! I am German and I wouldn’t make my Jägerschnitzel any different!

    Did you know, that in East Germany (formerly GDR) they use a so called Jagdwurst (hunter sausage) for their Jägerschnitzel? They bread it and serve with tomato sauce.

  4. Matt says:

    This was my favorite dish when I lived in Germany from 77-80 (US Army). I would start offf with goulash soupe, Then jager schnitzel mit champignon sauce. We would go to this restaurant chain that we all just called the chicken restaurant because it had a chicken sign. They seemed to be all over Germany, at least in the south. I was in Augsburg. Very good food there.

  5. Matt says:

    I lived in Augsburg Germany from 77-80 and this was my favorite meal. I’d start with goulash soupe, then jager schnitzel mit chapignon sauce. We always had this at a chain we called the chicken restaurant because of the chicken sign. They seemed to be all over Germany. Real good comfort food cheap.

    Chef Tomm, do you know how to do the goulash soupe? That would be great!


  6. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Matt, I was stationed in Germany from 87-91. I was in Schweinfurt. I have lots of good memories of the food. I do have a goulash soup recipe. I will try to put it together for you. Thanks for writing.

  7. Andy says:

    Hi Chef Tomm, I too was stationed in Germany
    77-82 in the British Army I started my meal with the famous Goulash Souppe then had the Jagger Schnitzel or Ziguener Schnitzel the Schnitzel was covered in breadcrumbs and the Jager Sauce had cream added the meal came with Kraut Salad witch was White Cabbage shredded in white wine vinegar and caster sugar left in the fridge for half an hour then served cold. The Ziguener Sauce was a bit like Cantonese Sweet And Sour Sauce only chopped more finely. My meals were always finished off with Icecream and Choclate Sauce. Now I have found your site I look forward to trying your recipes thank you my friend

  8. patricia bayuga kutzer says:

    Hi Chef Tomm,

    Hope all is well with you,family and food!!!

    I will be trying this dish…



  9. Ray says:

    Just came across your cooking videos for the first time today. I am already a fan, and will be watching more. Love your no-nonsense approach, and easy to understand methods.

  10. John says:

    Hello Chef Tomm,
    I to was stationd in Germany 77-81 in Kirch Gons (The Rock) with the 3AD my Mother is from Germany so I had the great foods of Germany long be for I got there.
    My friends and I loved to go to the Guest House for a great sit down meal with a few beers and that’s where I learned you can only get a Chicken two ways Half or Whole.
    I guess my most favorite food was the Curry Wurst you got from the little Hamburger Stands on the street with FF and Mayo on the fries.
    I will print out the recipe and try it in the next few days for my Wife and I it’s been great telling you alittle about my time there Thank You for the recipe and Take Care.

  11. Lydia says:

    Love this recipe, Chef Tomm!! My grandpa was a military doctor, so when he got stationed over in Germany my dad had this dish quite a bit. Even though he doesn’t usually request certain dishes, he regularly asks me to make jagerschnitzel using this recipe. Even though I don’t like mushrooms, I have to admit that this mushroom sauce is amazing. Great recipe!

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