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Jager Schnitzel Recipe


Jager Schnitzel | Home Cook Recipe



Jager Schnitzel | Professional Recipe



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  1. sick recipe dude thanks for sharing

  2. Chef Tomm says:

    It is my all time favorite meal in the world!

  3. Derrek says:


    I cannot seem to get the sauce right. I use beef stock because I cannot find veal stock. I cook the mushrooms down just as you said but the sauce seems sweeter than I prefer, it doesn’t darken up or thicken.

    Any help woul be appreciated, love your recipes!!!


  4. Chef Tomm says:

    The sauce can be tricky. You may want to thicken it up with a slurry instead of reducing it. Thanks for your support and I hope it works out.

  5. Chef Tomm says:

    Veal stock is a flavorful liquid made with veal bones.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Tommy:

    I like your show. Why didn’t you cook the pork (keeping it warm) first then make the sauce in that pan afterwards. I would think the sauce would be better that way since it would incorporate the flavor of the fond from the frying of the pork.



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