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I’ve been a Chef Instructor at culinary institutes from the east coast to the west for the past ten years.  I’m currently working as a Consultant, Educator and a  TV/Internet Cooking Show Host  in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will also find me as a regular on CBS 5 Bay Sunday and I write a weekly food column in local newspapers.

Prior to teaching, I spent 15 years in the restaurant industry here in the states and abroad.  I spent six years working my way around Germany and Italy, including a year and a half in Tuscany.  I’ve also worked in Mexico and Thailand, so my international culinary skills are genuine and well honed.

One of my passions is creating rich, wholesome foods from absolute scratch.  Whenever I’ve found an opportunity to learn and master the ‘old world’ method of making something, I go ‘all in’!  I can make, and teach you to make, a wide variety of things you might never consider trying to make otherwise.  At any given time, you might find me making fresh cheeses from raw milk and live cultures, or rich, delicious chocolate starting with the cocoa beans themselves.  I also love curing and smoking all kinds of meats and sausages.  Nothing beats a homemade slab of smoked bacon or a complex, dried Tuscan salami!  And have you watched my Chinese Hand Pulled Noodles show yet?  Now, that’s one of my favorites!

Over the years, I’ve also been involved in the world of culinary competition.  I managed and coached a number of Student ACF Culinary Competition Teams, the last of which had the honor of serving as the Apprentice Team for Team USA at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany.  I also served on the Schools Advisory Board for the Student National Competition Team.

The cooking show that I write, produce and present can be seen on 45 TV stations around the world, as well as on iTunes and other Internet video sites.  You can also find me on FaceBook and follow me on Twitter.  I really enjoy staying plugged into the latest social networking sites and being able to communicate so easily and quickly with all of you.

Some of these techniques I’ll demonstrate may seem difficult to master, especially for those of you just getting started, but don’t let this discourage you.  Many of these skills took me years to master myself, so hang in there and, with practice, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with your new skills and Culinary Secrets!

Here on the site, you’ll be able to watch my instructional demos as many times as you like, then use the written recipes to create the same dishes and even interact with me directly.  I’m available via e mail as well as many of the most popular social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter.  It’s like having your own personal Chef instructor as close as the nearest computer screen or mobile device!

I’ll be filming and posting new episodes all the time, so make sure to bookmark my site and check back often.  I guarantee there will always be something here to help you build your skills and broaden your culinary horizons.

I’m glad you have joined the Culinary Secrets family.  Now, let’s get Cooking!


I’m Also Available For

  • Professional Consulting
    • Restaurant Design/Management/Training
    • Menu Planning and Design
    • Special Events Planning
    • Culinary Curriculum Planning and Design
      • Full curriculum
      • Hobby Classes
      • Team Building exercises
  • Personal Services
    • Individual cooking lessons
    • In-home cooking classes (multiple student)
    • Culinary  ‘Field Trips’
    • Event Catering


l Achievements

  • Chef Instructor 10 years experience
  • Restaurant experience 15 Years
  • European experience 6 years Germany Italy
  • Makes things from scratch
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Salami
  • Smoked and cured items
  • I currently have a cooking show that is on 45 TV stations and in 5 countries  www.cheftomm.com
  • I worked in lived in Europe for 6 years one and a half of which was in Tuscany
  • I have also worked in Mexico, Thailand, and New England, where I am from originally.
  • I have coached and managed several Student  ACF Culinary Competition teams with my last team making it as the apprentice team for Team USA.  This team apprenticed team USA in the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany
  • Was a member of the schools advisory board for the student national competition team
  • Currently is an Instructor at the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA.
  • Board of Directors Santa Clara Sauce Company


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