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Mozzarella Cheese Episode

Mozzarella Cheese
In this episode of Culinary Secrets Chef Tomm will show you how to make fresh Mozzarella Cheese. We will start with the milk and I will take you through the entire process!


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  1. Laura Walker says:

    Thank you Chef Tomm, that was such aa awesome demo. The funny thing is, I was just talking to the kids (I have three ages 11, 12 & 12) and we were talking about making fresh Mozzarella. This demo couldn’t have had better timing for us. We are making pizza and wanted to make fresh mozzarella for our Margareta/pepperoni Pizzas. I’ll let you know how it turned out. . .Thanks Chef Tomm, Laura

  2. Laura Walker says:

    Chef Tomm, do you have a good source for raw milk? I go through Planet Organics which can be expensive. I can probably get raw milk from the Strauss family dairy, or Clover maybe through Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s, or Planet Organics. But I was wondering where to get the enzymes and citric acid. Thank you, Laura

  3. Chef Tomm says:

    You can buy it at Whole Foods but if you go to the Campbell Farmers Market you can buy it from Organic Pastures for six dollars a half gallon. This is the same place I went to milk the cows.

  4. Chef Tomm says:

    I’m glad you liked it. Let me know how it turns out. I buy my cheese making supplies from Thanks for writing to me.

  5. Chef tomm i think that you should make strawberry, banana and apple toffee. Also there is banoffee, apple and forest fruit upside down cake.

    Try them out i do them all the time (well when i nave the right ingredients)
    They are easy to make but you can twist it to suit your taste. pls reply

  6. scott says:

    Great video. I am a Seattle culinary Student and your videos are great for studying or practicing for exams. Thank you

  7. Chef Tomm says:

    Thanks for your kind words. Please let your fellow students know about these videos. If you don’t mind me asking how did you find my site?

  8. Suanne Massey says:

    Chef Tomm,

    The video is great. I have seen others try to cover this topic, but they move too fast and/or skip steps that are important to beginners. Thank you for being so thorough and detailed. And thank you for your fantastic site!

  9. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Suanne, Thank you for your kind words. I highly recommend that you use raw milk to make the cheese. You can find this at Whole Foods. Let me know how the cheese turns out. Thanks again for writing.

  10. Jack Tiang says:

    Hi Chef,
    Great to see your show is interesting and is very useful .looking to read your mails soonest

  11. Florian Menevis says:

    I would balsamico vinegar for the dressing. That’s an absolute must when it comes to carprese!

  12. Chef Tomm says:

    I like that too. Just substitute the balsamic for the redwine and you will be all set.

  13. Adam Clurman says:

    Chef Tomm I love your show i think you should do a candy episode with interesting candies like rock candy and dragon beard candy that would be neat!

  14. Sheriyar Naman says:

    Hi Chef Tomm, Nice video simple and quick to the point.

    I wanted to ask, can we use this same cheese for in pizza? will it be still the same thing?
    also my close relative in my country have a farm, so i want to try this out but any way to get rennet or something alternative? as its not available easily.
    thanks i came here from youtube, keep it up Chef Tomm. i will be successful in surprising my mom with this.

  15. Jeff S. says:

    Hi Chef,
    Thank you for the inspiring recipe! I also really liked the noodle video. You’ve got a great style and I enjoy watching you cook. I really hope to see you on television one day.
    All the best!!

  16. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Chris, I have made the microwave cheese with great results. Alot of it depends on the type of milk you use. If you can get raw milk it is the best. Let me know how the cheese and noodles come out.

  17. Daniel says:

    Seems like the video is down. Any chance to fix this?

  18. Chef Tomm says:

    Working on it now. You can find it on itunes for free until I can figure this out.

  19. Dale Bartlett says:

    hey chef Tomm, your videos are really inspiring and easy to follow step by step instructions. I am 17 and i work in a busy restaurant in the UK, I was just wondering if your next video could be based on sauces such as cheese sauce, gravies or even fruit coulis, thanks for everything


  20. Kevin says:

    Hey Chef,

    Great video. I was looking over your website and did not find a recepie for burgers. If you do have one , can you please let me know.

    If you don’t. You gotta make a classic beef burger, what are your techniques to moistening the cheese with the bread….that kind of stuff. It might be a silly request, but it would be nice.

    Thanks chef. YOU THE MAN!!

  21. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Kevin,
    Thanks for writing to me. I don’t have a burger recipe up yet but I will in the future. I’m a purest with the the beef so I just season it with salt and pepper. I load everything else up. I love a horseradish aioli with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. I will work on a recipe in the future.


  22. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Dale,

    I may do a show on that in the future. I’m working with a new production company so we’ll see what happens. Thanks for writing.


  23. Ingrid Bancroft says:

    Hello Chef tomm

    Thank you for your great video on how to make mozarrella cheese.
    How lond will it last in the fridge and can it be frozen?

  24. Ingrid Bancroft says:

    Hello Chef Tomm

    Thank you for your great video about making mozarrella cheese.
    How long will it last in the fridge and can it be frozen

  25. Mazen says:

    Chef Tomm,
    could you please display the ingredients and quantity of rennet and citric acid for making mozzarella cheese.

  26. Chef Tomm says:

    It can last a few days in the fridge or a few months frozen.

  27. Lior Leonov says:

    Hi Chef!

    I’m from Israel but my parents born in Ukraine so I know some Russian and Ukrainian and of-course Recipes that we cook in Israel like borsch, shakshuka,patties with all kind of stuff…
    so if you interested, I’m open to share with you my recipes!

    thanks for this fantastic site!


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