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Pasta Making the Italian way Plus Three Sauces


Pasta | Recipe



Alfredo Sauce | Recipe




Pesto and Clam Sauce | Recipe



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  1. Laura Walker says:

    Hi Chef Tomm, I made your Clam sauce and pesto, it was so yummy! I used linguine noodles for the clam sauce and put the pesto on french bread and baked it like garlic bread. . .what a huge hit! I didn’t have Parmesan on hand, so I used Pecorino Romano cheese and it was fabulous! There were no left overs, darn. I also made mescalin salad to accompany this awesome meal.

  2. Vivian says:

    Hi Chef Tomm

    Just stop by and see your
    Web & say Hi also, you web look interesting will visiting some time again

  3. Sasha says:


    My kids (ages 8 & 4) and enjoy your show. In the past I have made Alfredo sauce that turns out lumpy…what am I doing wrong?

    I’ve made homemade noodles in the past but I’m looking forward to trying your recipe. Thanks for your effort and handwork. I’m looking forward to more of your shows via the podcast.



  4. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Sasha,

    Thanks for being fans of my show! Not seeing what you are doing I have to ask a few questions. What are you putting in your sauce. I see this done several different ways. Sometimes people add eggs in and what happens there is that it may get to hot and cook, making the sauce lumpy. It may also be the cheese or over reduction of the sauce. Most likely what is happening is that you are cooking it too long and the water evaporates out of it. To fix this just add a little water and stir. This will make it creamy again. For quicker response please like me on facebook under Culinary Secrets with Chef Tomm. I also am on that more often, several times per day and could respond quicker to your questions. Thanks again for writing.

  5. Barbara Memmott says:

    I just got a Marcato Pasta machine and am really excited to use it. Thanks for the excellent lessons. I love Fettuccini Alfredo and will make it first. I’m excited to freeze ravioli and noodles. We bottle our own Marinara sauce, so want to be able to pull pasta out of the freezer and have dinner in minutes. Thank you!

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