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Thai Food Sampler

testthumbIn this episode of Culinary Secrets with Chef Tomm, you will learn how to prepare the best Thai Food samples with the help of secret tricks. Don’t forget to check the recipe!  This episode includes; Coconut Soup with Chicken, Papaya Salad, Pad Thai and more.



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  1. bowhunter2439 says:

    chef tomm looking forward? to a chinese lobster sauce recipe or shrimps with lobster sauce
    thank you……..!!!

  2. Diana says:

    I love Thai but always thought the dishes would be difficult to make. I plan to try some of these for my family, thanks Chef Tomm. Looking forward to more!

  3. fang says:

    yummy yummy thai food lol

  4. Dean says:

    I tried the to make the coconut soup, but it was hard to find all the ingredients locally. Looks like an asian restaurant is a must. Still, turned out great! — even with certain “compromises”–no Fish sauce, no galangal, etc. Thai recipes seem complex, but I love them. Do more of these!

  5. Dean says:

    I mean–all the ingredents might better be found at an Asian restaurant. The local Publix had the coconut milk and even lemon grass puree, but no fish sauce??? Good ingredients =good food.

  6. Nick says:

    Dean, do what i did when i couldn’t find an ingredient for an Indian dish; go to said restaurant and ask where they get there ingredients from! The guy at the Indian restaurant was very kind when i asked him where i could get a certain ingredient (tamarind paste) and he actually sold me an extra jar they had in there pantry :)

  7. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Dean, I’m surprised you don’t have any Asian stores in your area. I would try a Google search and you should find one there. Nick had a great point that should work too. Go to a n Asian restaurant and ask them where they get their ingredients.

  8. Chef Tomm says:

    Alot of dishes seem to be very complicated but you will find they are fairly easy after you experiment with them a few times. Let me know how the meal for your family came out.

  9. Dean says:

    The Coconut soup turned out very good. I lived in New Orlean’s for two years (as a poor student). Such a great place for good food. I often had to make do with whatever I had on hand. Yes, you can actually make a meal out of condiments–Ha!

    The chicken in the coconut soup was great–I ate the whole thing myself! To compensate lack of some ingrediants I upped the lime juice a little and other “tricks”. I actually did find a local Asian supermarket and another specialty food place, so next time…

  10. Chef Tomm says:

    Hello Dean, I’m glad it worked out for you. My show on pasta should be up soon.

  11. Simon says:


    There are also online stores that should be sending asian groceries. But also large selection super markets might have these available, but I doubt it will be easy to find stuff, such as the Shao Xing hua tiao chiew, lee kum kee oyster sauce etc.

    Kikkoman with green cap is always a good option. Those who got no asian grocery stores available, could always try and substitute rice wine with a bit of dry sherry.

    I think maybe not restaurants are the best places to approach, because many restaurant staff is reluctant when it comes to tell people “secrets”. However, what about approaching asian locals? if you see any I’m sure they won’t bite if you ask;)

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